Alfred Komarek has become an important fixture of our regions over the past few decades. Already as a student, he began to write, read as a copyeditor for the Radiorundfunk recordings, and, among others, was responsible for the well-known radio program Melodie exklusiv. In 1998, his work “Weinviertel. Tauchgänge im grünen Meer” was published, within which his connection to the region made its literary debut. That same year, his first crime novel “Polt muss weinen” also appeared, which was set in the fictitious Brunndorf village, for which Pulkautal served as a model. This novel was followed by four sequels following the character Simon Polt, “Blumen für Polt, “Himmel, Polt und Hölle”, “Polterabend”, and “Polt”. After these, an additional collection of short stories titled “12 mal Polt” was released. In this series, the author demonstrates his great experience from around the Pulkautal and its inhabitants, which he collected over his decades as the owner of one of its famous cellars. For the films of his novels, the author, along with the director Julian Pölsler, received the 2002 Romy in the “best script” category. Observant readers and viewers may have also noticed connections to the Himmelbauer family – portrayed as the Höllebauer.


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