Planned events 2022

In these particular times, we should not be too far away from each us.
A glass of Himmelbauer wine creates closeness and lets you look hopefully into the future.

Unless otherwise stated, the venue is the "Himmelbauerkeller" in the Kellergasse, 2061 Untermarkersdorf.
Of course we can be there for you any time by prior appointment.

Weintour Weinviertel April 23rd and  24th from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.  -
Enjoy spring in the "Kellergasse", listen closely to the sounds of spring and try samples of the current vintage.

Wine presentation in Deutschordenshaus  - summer
Sala Terrena, 1010 Wien, Singerstrasse 2

Open cellar doors, "Offene Kellertür", July 5th - August 31st, every Tuesday and Wednesday from 4 p.m.
We look forward to seeing wine lovers again, our wine wants to be tasted - it will never be that young again. Who wants to taste our cellar snack or brings something good - very relaxed, very familiar.

Tour of the "Kellergasse" with Inspector Polt, June 4th, 2p.m.
Take a guided walk visiting the original locations of the Polt movies, delve into the history and stories of the "Kellergassen". Enjoy Wine, enjoy Life. 25 EUR per person, advance registration requested.

Tour of the "Kellergasse" with Inspector Polt, August 27th, 2p.m.
Take a guided walk visiting the original locations of the Polt movies, delve into the history and stories of the "Kellergassen". Enjoy Wine, enjoy Life. 25 EUR per person, advance registration requested.

Hike through the vineyard "Weingarten", September 3rd, 2 p.m.

We will be strolling through the "Kellergasse" in Untermarkersdorf towards our vineyards. In our romantic vineyard cottage we will enjoy a snack and - of course - wine. 25 EUR per person, advance registration requested.


Everything you may want to know about working in the vineyard, making wine and tasting wine
We offer a wide variety of workshops in which we will show and teach you the theoretical and practical basics of all aspects of wine making, from cultivation to making wine to bottling to tasting. Weatherproof clothing is required for all workshops, the duration of each module will be about 3 hours. After each workshop we invite you to evaluate and review the day with us and to enjoy a snack (Weinviertler Jause) and wine in our romantic vineyard cottage. The number of participants is limited. The price is 45 EUR per person, advance booking is required.
The dates will be announced at interest. Tel: 02943/2350, mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 The workshops will mainly deal with the following aspects:
"Pruning and tying"
About cutting time, cutting technique, Stock equilibrium, number of eyes , stature laws, Pergola,
binding materials and binding methods will be discussed, demonstrated and practiced in the vineyard.

 "Canopy management", June
The exact date will be announced in time. The foliage work is to be seen as a complement of the "pruning and tying" during the growing season and a certain amount of foliage must be present to demonstrate various methods: breaking (weeding), thinning (grape correction), distribution of leaf mass in wire frames, trimming the top , cluster thinning-out, distribution of leaves in the grape zone and so on

 "Hike through the vineyards, learning about grape varieties"
In September we hike through the "Kellergasse" into the vineyard. You will learn about the history and significance of the Kellergassen and the vegetation beside the ways. We will discuss the different types and topologies of vineyards and the influence of the terroir on our wines. You will learn to recognizing vine and grape varieties and the differences between them.

 "Vintage and grape processing"September / October
Recognize the ripeness of the grapes, taste the different varieties, learn how to select grapes in the vineyard. Transport the grapes to the press, see the processing of the grapes, assess the must weight, etc.

 "Wine tasting, wine response and training of taste"
Tasting and sampling the wines does not have to take place in a certain season. Rather, wine tasting is detached from the seasons, something that has to take place throughout the year. A guided tasting can be arranged by appointment throughout the year for a maximum of 8-10 persons.
You will learn how to sample wine, how to assess all the aspects of experiencing wine. The appearance, the smell, the taste, the depth and clarity of the color, the purity of the tone, the intensity and the quality of fruity aromas, the mineral notes and ultimately the body and the backbone and - of course - the alcoholic notes. From all that we will draw our conclusions about the wine, about its harmony and its character. The portfolio of all aspects learned in this workshop will enable you to suitably judge any wine in the future



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